Apex Holdings Securities, Inc.

Gain access to IPOs through Apex Holdings

In the past, it’s been nearly impossible for retail traders to access initial public offerings (IPOs) BEFORE the shares become available on the exchanges.
That’s no longer the case…

Apex Holdings clients now have access to certain ground-floor initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, and follow-on offerings available in the mobile-first ClickIPO app.

  • Browse IPOs and view the price range, anticipated offering date, SEC prospectus and more
  • Simply place a conditional order for shares through your Apex Holdings account, and if shares are allocated, they will be placed directly into your account

Sounds like a sweet deal? We think so, too.

Click here to open an account.

Features of ClickIPO

ClickIPO is a mobile-based order entry platform that gives retail investors access to IPOs and secondary offerings. All you need is a Apex Holdings equities brokerage account with a minimum balance of $500, and you’re ready to get started.

With ClickIPO, you can:

  • Gain access to a listing of current, past, and upcoming IPOs and secondary offerings.
  • Follow offerings that interest you and get push alerts for new and updated offerings.
  • Customize an IPO watchlist.
  • Read the prospectus of each offering within the app.

Pricing and Funding

  • When you purchase IPO stock in your Apex Holdings account using ClickIPO, there’s no commission on the trade. If the stock is priced at $10 per share, you’ll pay $10 per share – no more, no less.
  • IPO stock cannot be purchased using margin. You must have sufficient unrestricted cash in your account to pay for your IPO shares.

Apex Holdings and Click IPO are not affiliated.